Message From Principal

Dear Parents,
If you are looking for quality education for your child, Vidya Niketan Junior College is the right choice for you.

The college is situated in a spacious well ventilated and beautiful campus surrounded by blue mountains and lush green vegetation. Young children thrive in the crisp clean mountain air.

Junior College is committed to groom young adults by instilling in them values, imparting lifeskills and maximizing their potential. The College was founded in 2006 and has produced many batches of capable and successful alumni who have contributed greatly to our society and nation. I am impressed by the programmes initiated by the staff and students. I am proud of the College for its vibrancy, rich college culture, and robust college systems.

Following are some of the strengths of Vidya Niketan Junior College :

  • 1st: Highly Qualified and Skilled Teachers
  • 2nd: Forward-looking and Self-motivated Students
  • 3rd: Well Disciplined College Culture
  • 4th: Impressive and Noteworthy Track Records in Academic and CET, AIEEE and IIT Achievements
  • 5th: A Brand New Campus with State-of-the-art Facilities
  • 6th: Successful Alumni
  • 7th: A Caring College Environment

Besides our focus on effective teaching and learning, holistic leadership development is also one of our key thrusts. Students are encouraged to challenge each other to think beyond the traditional domains of knowledge, and in peer interactions create new knowledge, forge new and meaningful ways of perceiving the world around you. They are expected to be proactive in charting their growth and development by exercising their personal responsibilities to seize upon the available opportunities to enhance their own learning with Passion, Purpose, Drive, Integrity and Care for Others.


In Vidya Niketan Junior College, we aim at giving our students not just a good experience but a remarkable one. The staff that we have attracted to teach here, and the curriculum that we have designed are meant to give students with diverse strengths, interests and aspirations pathways to discover what they are best at. Students get mentors to help them navigate the challenging and complex contexts of today. They are exposed to industry and leaders of industry to help them understand what it takes to be successful. They have many opportunities to learn through serving in the community and understand the qualities that make a leader great. We are also proud to offer a range of diverse, interesting and challenging programs to our students.


It is a college which values diversity and cultural difference. We have many different nationalities at our school and we value the richness derived from this cross section of our community. We place a strong emphasis on the development of each individual student's learning potential through challenge, reflection, lateral thinking and optimal learning experiences. The welfare of students is a high priority as we believe students learn best when they feel safe and secure in a stimulating learning environment. As a consequence, student learning outcomes are high in comparison to like school and state benchmarks.


Most importantly, we articulate and live a set of core values which we hold dear and incorporate into our curriculum and every aspect of college life. Respect, harmony, love of learning, integrity and responsibility are our values.


I do believe that words are insufficient to express my sincere and wholehearted thanks to all of you, the students and their parents, my colleagues in the college and other sister institutes, Vidya Niketan High School for all the support, guidance and assistance provided during the academic year. Together with the dedicated and highly committed staff fraternity at VNJC, and our high aspiring students, we will continue to build upon our rich heritage in the years to come.


Warmest regards,

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  • 24-Feb-2015

     Admissions Open for STD:  11th & 12th (Commerce & Science)