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1. Physics
2. Chemistry
3. Mathematics
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5. Information Technology

Multipurpose Hall

The College has a multipurpose hall, which incalculably adds to the physical as well as the cultural activities and their facility The hall is situated on the ground floor of the academic building which provides several platforms at different levels. In the hall we host numerous events, including college competitions, Annual day function, dramatics and variety programs.


The Campus provides outdoor space for a 200mtr athletic track. The Olympic patterned Annual athletic meet is held every year on this ground.


The Library has a voluminous stock of books for all age groups. It has been located separately on the campus. A quiet atmosphere for peaceful reading and study. Special experimental learning environments have been created for understanding the concepts of subjects like mathematics and science and also social studies and languages. The library is available to the students seven days a week. For projects and study, the computers integrated with library resources are available. The following facilities are provided in the library.

1. An audio visual room where students watch study videos.
2. A journal section for references.
3. Different types of encyclopedias on all subjects.
4. Different types of entertainment books and news papers to update on news and happenings and also to create an awareness of current events.
5. A spacious reading hall.
6. Internet facility

Extra Curricular Activities

We believe and understand that the growing mind needs recreation and the talent is to be nurtured. Keeping with the rich tradition Vidya Niketan Junior College continue to inculcate talents for musical, literacy acting and physical talents in students. We allow them to experience the joy of trying and succeeding in healthy competition and friendship and finally help them appreciate life beyond studies.

Physics Department

Physics uses the scientific method to test the validity of a physical theory, using a methodical approach to compare the implications of the theory in question with the associated conclusions drawn from experiments and observations conducted to test it. Experiments and observations are to be collected and matched with the predictions and hypotheses made by a theory, thus aiding in the determination or the validity/invalidity of the theory.

We conduct all practicals prescribed by the board. Our laboratory is well equipped by branded instruments eg. Rheostats, ammeters, voltmeters, diff. experiment kits etc. our lab is decorated by displaying pictures and the information of the great scientists of the world which inspire our students all the time.

Our students prepare different projects and models for the science exhibition in thelaboratory. It helps them to take interest in the subject and gain scientific knowledge with current affairs/ issues.

Chemistry Department

Chemistry is an integral part of the science curriculum both at the high school as well as the early college level. At these levels, it is often called "general chemistry" which is an introduction to a wide variety of fundamental concepts that enable the student to acquire tools and skills useful at the advanced levels, whereby chemistry is invariably studied in any of its various sub-disciplines. Scientists, engaged in chemical research are known as chemists. Most chemists specialize in one or more sub-disciplines.

Chemistry is the central science; it overlaps with engineering, astronomy, biology, physics and geology. A degree in Chemistry opens doors to careers in medicine, research, teaching, forensics, engineering, biotechnology, and many others. Chemistry is also a required prerequisite for many programs like biology, nursing, engineering, physics, etc.

Chemistry is the science concerned with the composition, structure, and properties of matter, as well as the changes it undergoes during chemical reactions

Mathematics Department

Today, mathematics is used throughout the world as an essential tool in many fields, including natural science, engineering, medicine, and the social sciences such as economics and psychology.

The Board of studies has decided to introduce practicals in mathematics for XI and XII students for the first time at Jr. College. This is a major step in making mathematics courses relevant in real life.

It will certainly help students to develop the correct technique and temperament to study advanced maths. It will enable the students to prepare the right backdrop to face std XII board exam.

We provide the sufficient number of solutions for mathematical problems. Skill and concepts, once developed must be maintained through its applications and we at VNJC ensure the same is systematically followed always.


This is an important feature of the campus which is well equipped with all the latest versions of branded instruments , chemicals, specimens in order to inculcate research methodology in students.

The lab has the objective of grooming and training students to meet the requirement of the ever challenging world. Our program draws strength from a long standing tradition of combining research and teaching in ways that benefit both our students and our faculty.

In our Biology lab students are introduced to biological principles including cellular structure and their functions , biological systems such as Circulatory , Respiratory , Excretory , Digestive , Reproductive , Nervous , Endocrine , also including dissection , human anatomy & physiology , biology chemistry to name a few. Dissection also plays a key role, ranging from dissection of an earthworm to working on cockroach .

Our facilities , equipment and technical support are first rate , with students using state – of – the science materials and method in both their laboratory coursework and original and independent research.

Our Biology program has been built upon a conviction that boundaries between teaching and research should be minimal. Our lab facilitates the learners to learn by practicals. Our newly formed building has allowed the biology faculty to develop dedicated teaching laboratory spaces designed specifically to support the activities in the introductory course and in each of our upper – division laboratory courses.

Facilities in the biology building provide for the housing and care of both aquatic and terrestrial invertebrate and vertebrate animals in support of our teaching and research . Our Botanical garden has diverse collection of plant species. Our green house is used to grow plants for research.

The Department also has a range of equipment that allows for field – based collection of organism and for gathering data quantifying biotic and abiotic features of the environment , temperature and lighting schedules.

Computer Lab

In today’s competitive and globalized world, computer literacy is a must. In our academic session we have focused more on technology based education. Our computer department has 40 computers with LCD monitors and latest configured C.P.U’s .

For effective communication and gathering information world wide, we provide 24 hrs. internet facility with shared broadband connection with immense speed.

Considering the need of hardware awareness of computers. We provide the training for “Computer repairing and Maintenance” , during students free time, which facilitates them to maintain, assemble or repair their own computers independently.

Commerce Department


Arrangement is made to enlighten the students’ knowledge and technique of the particular subject, so we also invite subject experts from outside who visit our college from time to time and provide their able guidance.


In order to impart knowledge with the practical aspects of various subjects, arrangements are made for the students visit banks, post office, and large scale and small scale commercial organizations etc.


We undertake counseling for the H.S.C students which can help them choose a better career. We also provide guidance for higher courses like Company Secretary, Chartered Accountancy, B.B.A, M.B.A, Hotel Management, etc.


We have between 35 to 40 students in a class of commerce stream. Thus we can give personal attention to each child and thus also assure good results. In case the child is weak in studies and requires special coaching, the same is provided by the subject teachers. We create an environment which is favorable for over all development of the child to make a prosperous future for himself.

Audio Visual classroom

Audio Visual classroom is one of the important features of Vidya Niketan.

These class rooms consist of digital projectors or the LCD screens along with home theater sound system of good quality.

Many concepts in Physics, Chemistry and Biology are explained with the help of good, explanatory animations.

Large number of multiple choice type questions displayed on screen, which help students to prepare well for their entrance aminations.

Recent Updates
  • 24-Feb-2015

     Admissions Open for STD:  11th & 12th (Commerce & Science)