School Rules & Regulations

For a healthy and balanced environment an institution has to adopt certain rules and regulations for its effective functioning.

It is compulsory for parents to attend the Open House (parent teacher meetings) to get an updated progress report and consult with respective subject teachers as stated in the fixtures.

Parents should attend all the co-curricular activities to encourage the students.
After exeats or vacations, parents should see that students report on time as scheduled, otherwise a fine of Rs 500 per day will be charged.

Parents should not request for any extra exeat during the routine days of the school/college as it affects the students efficiency in their studies.

Reporting time :
Boarders are to report to the hostel only between 9am to 5 pm. Boarders will not be taken in the hostel other than the specific timings allotted.

Items to be brought :
A check list of items to be brought by boarders is being issued along with the admission form. Parents are requested to bring only those items which are listed in check list. No extra items will be allowed.

Restricted items :
Students are not permitted to bring the following items as these are hazardous to health and hostel discipline.
A) Mobile phones / any kind of multi media device.
B) Valuable items like gold chains, wrist watches, cash etc.
C ) Knife
D) Toxic drink
E ) Unprescribed medicine

Visiting timings :
Parents are not allowed to visit their wards during the class hours. Short visit timings om request and Birthday Outings are 3:15 to 5pm. According to Annual Fixture there will be long exeats Sat 1pm to Sun 5pm.

Phone timings :
Parents are allowed to talk to their wards only on weekends. However emergency calls can be made anytime on the school phone numbers.All Telephone numbers  connected to dorms Sat+Sun with timings.Telephone numbers in main office (2 mobiles  2 landlines)

Marketing :
All boarders will be given fortnightly outings from 4.30pm to 6.30 pm subject to approval of Management, with a sum of Rs 300/-.

Movie :
A movie will be shown to boarders on every Saturday subject to approval of Principal.

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