Our Institutions aims for a “Brighter Future”.

It focuses on knowing and enhancing ones own physical, intellectual, social, emotional and spiritual strengths and integrating them to manage to cope with life stresses and succeeding for higher achievement.

The institution’s goal is to nurture and develop the potential of the child. It strives to constantly maintain a steady system which tracks the development of the children.

The institution believes in unfolding the inner strengths of the children and enabling them to manifest their true personality.

The institution attempts to carve a niche in the children’s lives.

Teaching Ideology

Teaching ideology is based on the theory of multiple intelligence proposed by
Dr. Howard Gardner.

One importance is given to linguistic and mathematical intelligence but also to musical, spatial, kinesthetic, naturalist, interpersonal and intrapersonal intelligence.

The children learn as per their aptitude and interest which builds up their confidence and helps them to learn. The continuous comprehensive evaluation system makes learning stress free as well as it keeps the students updated about their strengths and weaknesses ensuring transparency in the system. The students are taught to observe, explore, learn and experiment. We aim at making the teaching learning Process a fun learning process with the help of games, fun activities, workshops, functions, exhibitions. Thus in a nutshell the institution provides a platform to the students to exhibit their creative and imaginative skills so that they can sparkle their brighter Future.

Recent Updates
  • 01-Apr-2019

    Admissions Open for (HSC) STD : XI - Science, Commerce 

  • 01-Apr-2019

     Admissions Open for (CBSE) STD : I to IX