School Facilities


The school follows the new technology of Language Lab for the languages. The features of Languages are as follows:
1. Language Exhibition
2. Project, Role play, Chart Making
3. Class for Spoken English
4. Activity based teaching
5. Self answer script
6. Extempore Speech and Creative Writing Practices.
7. Participation in Interschool Elocution, Dramatics, Speeches, Debate, Dumb Charade, Hand Writing,
  Spellings competitions Etc.
8. Arrangement of Rally, Parivartan Drive Etc.
9. Celebration of Language’s Days.
10. English Language Club Facility under the guidance of Language Experts and guest lecturers.
11. Power Point Presentations are used for making the concepts clear and understandable.

12. Story-Telling competition, Elocution, Choral Recitations.


Mathematics :

The school has a New Technology of Mathematics laboratory as per the norms of CBSE stream along with equipments and experimental tools.

Science :

The school has designed Laboratories for Biology, Physics and Chemistry – separately.
The labs are well equipped with modern apparatus to cater to the CBSE Stream which facilitate the students to learn through experiments and research.
Exhibitions of Science and Mathematics.  
Science and Mathematics Clubs for Creative Development of the Students.


Social Science :
Historical Club -

The club has been made to develop inquisitive sense towards History subject in which various types of group discussions are being held. Students are encouraged to take part in them.

Historical and Geographical tours -

Each year, the tours are conducted to see new places as well as historical monuments.

Debate -

Debates are held based on historical, geographical and on current affairs.

Quiz -

Quizzes are held on different subjects.

Art and Craft : 

As per CBSE norms, we have Art and Craft from classes I to IX.

Children are encouraged to take part in different Art Activities. Art competitions are organized by school and other organizations.
We coach children for Government of Maharashtra Drawing Grade Examinations.
Art and Craft Exhibitions.
We have specious and well equipped Art Room.
Clay Modeling, Paper Craft, Card Board Work etc. Help to develop their creativeness and aesthetic sense. 


Computer Science :

The world is becoming smaller day by day and is also becoming WIRELESS. Computer is the heart of any modern information system. The computers are truly amazing machines which are continuously becoming smaller, faster, cheaper and more powerful. In the present scenario, no field is without computers. It is used in all walks of life such as in industry, education training programmes, science engineering, arts, entertainment, and home communication and so on.


Computer lab :

In today’s competitive and globalized world, computer literacy is a must. In our academic session, we have focused more on technology based education. Our computer department has 40 computers with L.C.D. monitors and latest configured C.P.U.’s. For effective communication and gathering information worldwide, we provide 24 hours internet facility with shared broadband connection with immense speed.

Co-Curricular Activities :

Training is imparted to each and every student in all co- curricular activities to ensure excellence and also to make it an enjoyable experience.

  • Music
  • Dance
  • Student clubs
  • Art and Craft
  • Quiz and G.K. club
  • Dramatic clubs
  • Students Council

Yearly magazines are published through the efforts of the students.

  • Public speaking and presentation skills
  • Personal counseling
  • Adolescent counseling
  • Vocational guidance
  • Life skills training

Picnics, camps, Institutional visits, trekking and Excursions.


Auditorium :

Vidya Niketan School’s auditorium is accommodated with large number of sitting capacity, well equipped with audio visual facilities as like full-fledged theatre.  

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