School Mess

A modern and spacious kitchen serves both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. Meals are prepared under hygienic conditions with careful supervision. Every attention is paid to prove a balanced diet . The menu includes food starting from the ethnic Indian cuisine of rice, dal, roti and vegetables to typical favourites like chicken curry, biryani etc. Seasonal fruits, variety of salads, sweet dishes etc. 

The spacious dining hall is well laid and provides ample space for students to have their meals comfortably. Separate sections are maintained for vegetarian and non-vegetarian students. Discipline and decorum pervades the dining hall and students begin every meal with a prayer. Cleanliness is of supreme concern and strictly maintained to ensure contamination free environs and hygienic conditions. 

Five meals are served everyday :

Breakfast, Cookie break, Lunch, High tea, Dinner as well as Milk and Cookies before bed. The menu is well planned in consultation with nutritionists and the school doctor and school nurse.


Recent Updates
  • 01-Apr-2019

    Admissions Open for (HSC) STD : XI - Science, Commerce 

  • 01-Apr-2019

     Admissions Open for (CBSE) STD : I to IX